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"Surely one of the loveliest soundtracks to grace a crime drama."

Radio Times on Hinterland

"A haunting soundtrack"

The Guardian on Hinterland

"A thoroughly stylish production... (a) stirring score."

Sunday Times on Hinterland

"Another atmospheric creation... the ominous beat of John Hardy’s dramatic composition pulses through headphones as we are ushered into the hanger… bold technical proficiency and strong, immersive performances hold up under overt and covert scrutiny."

The Stage on Coriolan/us

"At a key moment John Hardy’s subtle music comprises just a few spare keyboard notes in perfect counterpoint to the dramatic action."

Theatre Wales on The Persians

"The music also uses subtle melodic tones to perfectly convey the mood throughout."

The Hollywood News on Hinterland

"It's a corker... there was a sense of capriciousness and subtle menace woven right through the production"

The Telegraph on Hinterland

"John Hardy’s music…[is one of the] integral parts of the narrative."

Theatre Wales on Stone City Blue

★★★★☆ "Streets ahead in terms of subtlety and sustained moodiness"

The Times on Hinterland

"…Equally graphic, thanks mainly to the music, was the dramatisation of the Battle of the Somme in David Jones’s extraordinary prose poem, In Parenthesis...
"…a play with three narrators signifying Action, Thought and Memory does sound a bit tricky. I needn’t have worried. Douglas Cleverdon’s adaptation and John Hardy’s music made this elegiac piece reminiscent of the last book of Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy, and one of the most moving plays I have heard."

The Observer on In Parenthesis

★★★★☆ "The combination of the story and the setting... is overwhelming. What is impressive... is the totality of the experience.... superb production, with atmospheric music by John Hardy."

The Guardian on The Persians

"Vivid, heartbreaking, illuminating and utterly brilliant... Life and Fate represents the pinnacle of radio drama"

The Guardian on Life and Fate



"Love the #hinterland soundtrack by @JohnHardyMusic"


"Excellent soundtrack with haunting piano and brass, glitchy electronics and driving suspenseful strings and even a touch of the Test Dept style tribal drums to boot. Top work from the talented Mr Hardy."

Paul Jam (via BBC message boards) on Hinterland

"Brilliant! #Hinterland #soundtrack - listening right now, right here!! http://spoti.fi/1gmk7hT #NowPlaying"

@annettestr on Hinterland

"The opening bars to Y Gwyll are still going around in my head - haunting, yet beautiful, melodic, yet inspired by the landscape to suit the set perfectly."

wendii (via BBC Message Boards) on Hinterland

"@JohnHardyMusic Loving it, I listened to it twice last night! @creativeblock_"