Composing unique music for film, brands, TV and other projects

The John Hardy Music Co studio includes the recording & production studio, office and archive, in the busy Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. The studio brings together the latest high-spec digital equipment with a unique collection of vintage, ethnic, classical and folk instruments including:

  • Fully digital workstation with RME interface, a choice of DAWs and a large number of high end plugins

  • Multiple monitoring options including Yamaha NS10s, ATC mini monitors and prototype bamboo Gwedd Audio monitors

  • Blüthner boudoir grand piano

  • Appalachian dulcimer

  • 1967 Hammond organ C3 with Leslie L122 rotating horn speaker

  • Wurlitzer

  • Pedal-powered harmonium

  • Gemshorn

  • Rare percussion

Unique location-recorded sounds add to the palette, with the Hinterland soundtrack including processed recordings of branches and twigs being scraped, struck and snapped.