App: create your own soundtrack

We've made a creative new music app in collaboration with the BBC, where you create your own soundtrack to a clip from Hinterland. 

Try it now.

The app allows you to choose and play different music ingredients by clicking on different letters, whilst a scene from Hinterland plays above. We've carefully chosen ingredients that can work together and are open with space for creativity - you can completely transform how the scene feels.

We've been developing the project for over a year, and it's really exciting to be working with the BBC to bring our ideas to a wide audience.  

Suzy Shorthouse, a Project Manager for Connected Studio said "the audience can bring the 'Sound of Drama' to Hinterland by creating their own musical soundtrack for a scene from the new series... we want to see if people enjoy being able to get creative with BBC brands in this way, putting their own spin on them, and we’d really keen to know if they’d like the chance to do more stuff like this." 

More from the BBC about the project.