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"Surely one of the loveliest soundtracks to grace a crime drama."

Radio Times on Hinterland

"A thoroughly stylish production... (a) stirring score."

Sunday Times on Hinterland

"It's a corker... there was a sense of capriciousness and subtle menace woven right through the production"

The Telegraph on Hinterland

★★★★☆ "Streets ahead in terms of subtlety and sustained moodiness"

The Times on Hinterland

★★★★☆ "The combination of the story and the setting... is overwhelming. What is impressive... is the totality of the experience.... superb production, with atmospheric music by John Hardy."

The Guardian on The Persians

"Vivid, heartbreaking, illuminating and utterly brilliant... Life and Fate represents the pinnacle of radio drama"

The Guardian on Life and Fate