Galesa was created as part of TV channel S4C's Patagonia Week, held between Sunday 26 July and Saturday 1 August 2015 to mark the first Welsh landing in Patagonia 150 years before.

Galesa "is a film about identity and determination that proves the pioneering spirit of the original Welsh settlers still exists within their descendants.

"The film was made with one professional actress and members of the Welsh community of Patagonia. It was shot using structured reality techniques over 18 days in April 2015."

The film ‘Galesa’ comissioned by S4C in association with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and National Theatre of Wales will feature in the live performance of {150}. These are some behind the scenes footage and picture taken during the time Joio TV spent filming in Patagonia. The crew spent 18 days during April 2015 filming ‘Galesa’.

The film was made alongside the National Theatre Wales theatre production {150}, which incorporated parts of the film into the theatre performance.