Benjamin Talbott, Creative team

Born and raised in Mid Wales, and educated through the medium of the Welsh language, Benjie is a multi-instrumentalist with a special interest in piano and violin, producer of wide creative scope, and poet. He has been a lead composer at John Hardy Music since 2012, collaborating closely with John to create all the sound and music for the epic National Theatre Wales production of Coriolan/us, which was part of the World Shakespeare Festival in the Cultural Olympiad.

Since then, Benjie has been at the heart of almost every John Hardy Music project. He was joint-lead composer on GalesaMom & Me, as well as several episodes of Hinterland / Y Gwyll, and continues to take a prominent role in all aspects of the work of John Hardy Music.

Several of the big tunes in Hinterland / Y Gwyll were initiated by Benjie, including The World Keeps TurningWorth Waiting and Phoenix Dance, which are featured on Hinterland / Y Gwyll Series 2 Album (available from Ffin Records).

Alongside this, Benjie undertakes a large number of separate collaborations under his own name in various mediums including theatre, film and dance, as well as managing Total Samples - a distribution label with a focus on EDM sample packs.