Mom and Me

Description from Venom films:

Oklahoma has recently been voted the manliest state in the US. With Mother’s Day coming soon, radio show host Joe Cristiano wants to investigate if the manliest men, in the manliest state in the Union, are willing to call in and discuss their mothers on air.

Mom and Me is a creative documentary that delicately challenges the familiar love story shared between a son and his mother. It is a story that reveals comedy in the everyday and misery on some other days.

This is the second feature documentary from Irish filmmaker Ken Wardrop. His debut film His & Hers was both a critical and box office success in Ireland. The film had its World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, where it received the World Cinematography Award. His short documentaries have garnered awards across the world including a European Film Academy award for his documentary Undressing My Mother.

Mom and Me builds on Ken’s reputation as an individual voice in the world of creative documentary, and on his obsession with mothers.

★★★★ Devastating study of motherly love in US’s ‘manliest state’... a heartrending whole guaranteed to make men think to call their mothers more often.
— The Guardian

The 90-minute film premiered at Telluride Film Festival 2015 and is distributed by Visit Films.

Evidence of the weird variety of humankind and the imperishability of that most essential and elemental of human relationships, between a mother and child.
— The Hollywood Reporter