The Life Story of David Lloyd George

Made in 1918, The Life Story of David Lloyd George was mysteriously suppressed before its release by a coalition government who paid £20,000 to the producers, the Ideal Film Company.

Seventy-six years later the rusty cans containing the film were discovered by the Wales Film and Television Archive (now the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales), and painstakingly restored by them over two years. Film historian Kevin Brownlow dubbed the discovery 'the find of the century'.

The Life Story of David Lloyd George was premièred in Cardiff in 1996 and John Hardy was commissioned to write a soundtrack, which was performed live at the première by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Michael Rafferty. The film has since been screened around the world.

The film is a fictionalised biopic about the life of then Prime Minister Lloyd George from childhood to the end of the Great War. Written by Sidney Low and directed by Maurice Elvey, the film stars Norman Page as Lloyd George.