Jacob's Ladder

The adventures of six children as they take a journey into a biblical storyland. Through adventure and conflict, the stories involve the entire range of human emotions and carry the eternal themes of love, death, jealousy and fulfilment. The Old Testament contains many amazing stories. Some of these are well-known and some vaguely heard of; many stories are completely overlooked and unknown to most people. The stories of the Old Testament are much more exciting, informative and appealing than is commonly thought. Jacob’s Ladder aims to tell many of these amazing, timeless stories by emphasising the relational aspect of what really happened between the people and between them and the creator. Even though the old Testament seems to contain a collection of separate stories, there is a theme running through. The God of Heaven and earth becomes more and more involved in human affairs and through Moses as go-between, He commits Himself to His people, the Israelites.
— ITV Wales

This series was directed by Billy Engel, produced by EO (Netherlands) and HTV Wales, distributed in the UK by ITV, and in the USA by TBN and Vision Video.

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