When the Romans Came to Wales

A four-part series which focuses on key events in the history of the first and second centuries AD in Wales, using the narrative of events linked to the life of Tadius, the Roman legionary and his family.

Presenting archive sources and artefacts, interviews with historians and dramatic re-enactments showing different interpretations of various aspects of daily life at the time. Celtic and Roman sites around Wales are featured. (BFI)

1 - The Celts: Daily life around AD 50
2 - Celtic and Roman Conflict: Military life around AD 75
3 - The Romans: Daily life around AD 100
4 - Trade and Communication: Travel in the Empire AD 145

This series was first broadcast by Channel 4 from September 2003. Presented by David Peterson. The series is included on the education DVD 'Romans, Celts and Vikings distributed by Channel 4.