90 minute 'Drama on 3' for BBC Radio 3, written by John Fletcher and directed by Kate McAll.

Bill Wallis takes the title role in a new BBC Radio 3 production of one of Shakespeare's most rarely performed plays.

Cymbeline tells of the semi-legendary King's dealings with the Romans, the secret marriage of his daughter, Imogen, the cynical Iachimo's attempts on her chastity when her husband is banished, and the exiled Belarius, living in a cave at Milford Haven with the abducted sons of Cymbeline.

Producer Alison Hindell, the BBC's Head of Radio Drama, maintains that Cymbeline's feeling of "archetypal fairytale" is perfect for radio. "Its heightened elements, such as the discovery of a decapitated corpse, are hard to reproduce convincingly on stage," she says. "They can be conveyed more convincingly in pure sound."

Likewise, the frequent use of bird imagery in Shakespeare's text is reflected in the sound world of the production. Scenes set near Milford Haven were recorded on location in Wales, including on a Neolithic burial mound which served as Belarius's cave.

Cast features Bill Wallis (Cymbeline) Nia Roberts (Imogen), William Houston (Posthumus), Sian Phillips (Queen), Andrew Wincott (Iachimo), Russell Gomer (Cloten),  Joseph Kloska (Pisanio), Gareth Armstrong (Belarius), Christian Shaw (Guiderius), Meilyr Sion (Arviragus), John Labanowski (Caius Lucius), Richard Elfyn (Cornelius),  Dorien Thomas (Philario), Manon Edwards (Lady). Directed by Alison Hindell.

Broadcast 17th December 2006.