Sunbathing in the Rain


Gwyneth Lewis's adaptation of her book: a down-to-earth, courageous and entertaining chronicle of her own experience of a severe episode of depression; how she struggled to find ways of coping and ultimately survive.

The cast features Siriol Jenkins (Gwyneth), Robert Pugh (Leighton), Hywel Emrys (Doctor), Steven Meo (Surfer), Claire Cage (Shop Assistant). Directed by Kate McAll.

Gwyneth Lewis writes with clarity, beauty and metaphorical precision. She conveys the darkness, the silence, the selfishness, the mental clutter of depression brilliantly... a delicate, vulnerable triumph.
— Simon Hattenstone, Guardian
What gives the book its edge is her determination that the illness must be seen as an early warning system, to be welcomed as a timely indication that something needs addressing. This upbeat, very readable and engaging view of depression as a temporary retrenchment, a breathing space in which to adjust better to life, makes encouraging reading.
— Spectator