The Man Who Would Be Queen

The Man Who Would Be Queen tells the story of a supposedly quiet birthday weekend for Hugo (James Doherty - In The Loop) at a country house with his wife Anna (Isabel Brook - About a Boy) and their friends Neil (Jud Charlton - Chemical Wedding) and Wendy (Daisy Beaumont - The World Is Not Enough, Shanghai Knights) when they have a surprise visit from charismatic Ben (Stuart Laing - Butterfly Man, Lawless Heart).  

The film was written and directed by J. K. Amalou (Hard Men) and premièred on 30 September 2007 at the Raindance Film Festival, London.

Having recently retired from the city, 30-something Hugo has wrapped himself and his beautiful wife Anna in a cocoon of a country house but now they’ve mastered living the aspirational middle-class lifestyle to perfection - there is really no place for them to go but down. To celebrate Hugo’s birthday they invite their equally smug friends, lawyer Steve and wife Wendy for a tranquil weekend in the country. Cracks begin to show, however when Hugo’s nemesis and Anna’s not so secret admirer, Ben arrive unannounced. Before long the weekend descends into a wild orgy of of gypsies, thieves, strippers and murder and Hugo’s own life has taken a 180.

Confidently directed by writer/director J.K. Amalou and featuring the talents of some of the best UK actors around, this smart British comedy will deliver more than a few guilty pleasures.
— Suzanne Ballatyne, Raindance Film Festival