Life and Fate

The pinnacle of radio drama.
— The Guardian

John Hardy Music composed the soundtrack for the major eight-hour dramatisation of Vasily Grossman's epic novel Life and Fate, starring Kenneth Branagh.

Produced by Alison Hindell, BBC Head of Audio Drama, the dramatisation took over every drama slot on BBC Radio 4 except for The Archers during a week from 18th September 2011, with extra radio programmes focussing on the book.

The original music for Life and Fate was composed and produced by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead and performed by Oliver Wilson-Dickson (violin), Tom Jackson (Clarinets), Stacey Blythe (Accordion) and Max Pownall (Hammer Dulcimer).

Fabulous, mind-expanding drama.
— The Telegraph
Vivid, heartbreaking, illuminating and utterly brilliant... Life and Fate represents the pinnacle of radio drama.
— The Guardian

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Life and Fate poster copyright Ben Newman.