The Soul Exchange

John Hardy Music produced elements of the sound design for this site-specific performance in south Cardiff.

From the NTW web page for The Soul Exchange:

In January 2011, National Theatre Wales took audiences on a taxi ride around the well-loved streets of Butetown, Cardiff.

The idea for The Soul Exchange was first born in 2009 during a visit to Cardiff by three exciting young artists from Contact Theatre in Manchester. The three spent a lot of time in Butetown, meeting artists and community leaders like Leanne Rahman, and generally getting excited by the cultural richness of ‘The Bay’.

During their visits to Butetown, the Manchester artists had discovered that taxi drivers often had the best stories to tell about the area. Director Kully Thiarai and her fantastic creative team came on board to turn the ambitious ideas that had emerged into an extraordinary theatrical reality.

This sell-out show celebrated the communities past and present of Butetown.