Hidden & Hinterland LIVE

An exciting live concert of re-imagined music from the soundtracks for two of our Welsh crime-drama series: Hinterland & Hidden (Y Gwyll & Craith).

Dan Soley & Trystan Hardy adapted the music for performance, creating a score for 8 musicians with some sampled sounds and beats being cued live from the stage. Presented to an audience in the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall, at RWCMD in Cardiff on Friday 4th May 2018 as part of Atmospheres Festival of Contemporary Music.

A unique realisation of music from two popular welsh dramas

Launching Atmospheres 2018, John Hardy Music presents an evening of re-imagined music from Hinterland/Y Gwyll (2013-16) and Hidden/Craith (2018), performed by the original creative team. The night will explore the series’ impact on Wales, the local area, and audiences, and will feature a Q&A with Hinterland co-creator Ed Thomas and Hinterland / Hidden co-creator Ed Talfan.

Gwireddiad unigryw o gerddoriaeth dwy ddrama Gymreig boblogaidd

I lansio Awyrgylch 2018 bydd John Hardy Music yn cyflwyno noson o ailddychmygiad cerddoriaeth gyferbyniol Y Gwyll/Hinterland (2013-16) a Craith/Hidden (2018), wedi’u perfformio gan y tîm creadigol gwreiddiol. Bydd y noson yn archwilio effaith y cyfresi ar Gymru, yr ardal leol a chynulleidfaoedd, a bydd yn cynnwys sesiwn holi ac ateb gyda chyd-grëwr Y Gwyll a chyd-grëwr Y Gwyll / Craith Ed Talfan.