Patagonia was written and first performed during John Hardy's 7-year role as musical director of Brith Gof, the Welsh conceptual performance group which toured highly physical, politically questioning, multi-discipline shows to London, Glasgow, Dublin, Europe & Latin America.

Patagonia was created with support from the Barclays New Stages Award for the Royal Court Theatre in London and toured widely.

The work set a highly atmospheric tone, evoking the cold, dry, timeless semi-deserts of Argentina, where hundreds of Welsh speaking emigrants settled in the later 19th century, and remain to this day, combined with the gruesome story of two gringo gunmen who tried to rob a remote general stores run by a pillar of the Welsh community there in 1906.

John Hardy’s epic and hypnotic music.
— Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph
A haunting score by John Hardy.
— Michael Billington, The Guardian
Tumultuous music – great blocks of sound.
— Nicholas De Jongh, Evening Standard
A quite astonishing… production… it’s the sound which is so pervasive.
— Pat Ashworth, The Guardian