Gadael Lenin (Leaving Lenin)

A comedy feature following a group of teenagers who rediscover themselves when they are left on their own in the middle of a changing Russia.

Gadael Lenin was shot on location in Russia and directed by Endaf Emlyn and written by Sion Eirian with a cast including Steffan Trefor, Sharon Morgan, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Ivan Shvedoff and Richard Harrington.

The film won four BAFTA Cymru awards in 1995 for Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Welsh Drama and Best Welsh Screenwriter and the London Film Festival Audience Award in 1993. It was also nominated for the 1994 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Crystal Globe and the 1995 BAFTA Cyrmu award for Best Actor (Steffan Trefor).

Gadael Lenin was produced by Pauline Williams for Gaucho with S4C Television (Wales) in association with Lara Globus Intl. (St. Petersburg). The film is in Welsh with English subtitles.

Shooting on the hoof in the new Russia, Emlyn’s camera displays an equal sense of discovery, negotiating leafy backwaters where the errant staff face ideological and marital upsets of their own... a witty but compassionate study of familiar types under pressure. Performed with assurance all the way, this is one to applaud.
— Time Out Film Guide 13
Welsh-language cinema adds another feather to its cap with “Leaving Lenin,” an engaging light comedy about a group of teachers and high school students on a snafu-riddled trip to Russia. Performances are fine all around, with Sharon Morgan a standout as a wise, knowing teacher.
— Derek Elley, Variety 1993