The Sword / Y Cleddyf gyda John Ogwen

This action-packed series reveals the development of the sword over thousands of years, from sharpened pieces of flint used by Stone Age hunters to the gleaming blades in Hollywood films.

Presented by actor John Ogwen, the series recreates battles and legends to show how the sword developed and became symbolic of power and battle, used in Britain by the invading Romans and then by the Britons, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

As well as tracing the role of the sword in world history, it shows how the sword is central to our identity as Welsh people. “The roots of the Arthurian legends and the famous sword Excalibur lie in the history of our early ancestors and the sword continues to be at the centre of the National Eisteddfod ceremonies every year.
— Mary Simmonds, series producer

Welsh Hollywood star Ioan Gruffudd features in the series, speaking about his love for the sword and his role in the film King Arthur as Lancelot, a knight of the round table. 

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