America: The Story of Us


John Hardy Music composed the soundtrack music written for four of the twelve episodes of this series covering the development of America, from the arrival of the first English settlers in 1607 to the ground-breaking election of Barack Obama.

Narrated by Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins, The Painted Veil), each episode covers a different period of advancement, focussing on a key event or development. Stories include the bloodshed before American independence, the building of the railways to link the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and the explosion in California of a 200 foot column of oil that marked the beginning of the oil boom in the early twentieth century.

First broadcast on the USA's History Channel from April-May 2010, the series features large scale re-creations, employing some 1,600 actors and extras and computer-generated imagery to show for the first time events like the building of the Statue of Liberty. The series is also the focus of a major educational outreach project, with tens of thousands of DVDs distributed to schools, colleges and universities in America.

The series was produced by Nutopia.