Elin Manahan Thomas is one of Britain’s most gifted young sopranos and in this new series, the Swansea-born singer travels throughout Europe tracing the history of music and the voice.

Each programme will come from a different location, beginning in one of Europe’s most romantic cities – Venice. A city with strong links with the world of music, opera in particular, the composer Antonio Vivaldi was born there in 1678 and the composer Claudio Monteverdi died there in 1643 after living in the city for a period.

As well as items sung by Elin herself, the series will include performances by some of the leading modern exponents of the soprano voice, including

Orla Boylan from Ireland, Ana James from New Zealand, the soprano from Wrexham, Camilla Roberts, and English singers, Sarah Tynan and Claire Surman. The leading English countertenor, Robin Blaze, the tenor from Carmarthen, Wynne Evans and the baritone, Robert Davies will also perform as guests in the series.

Title music for the series was composed by John Hardy and performed by Elin at Cardiff's Acapela studio.

Sopranos was shown every Tuesday at 9pm from 16 March on S4C.

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