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Elegant, Determined, Reflective
Drama, Epic Film • Acoustic Ensemble, Strings, Piano

Suspense, Mysterious, Dark
Drama, Noir • Cello

Blues, Reflective, Hopeful
Documentary, Road Movie • Dobro, Hammond Organ, Piano

Adventurous, Bright, Confident, Driving, Energetic
Action-Adventure, Advertising, Promos/Trailers, Travel/Adventure • Orchestra

Graceful, Inspirational, Proud
Film, Nature, Historical, Epic • Folk Violin, Acoustic Guitar

Bright, Happy, Delicate, Playful • Arts, Drama
Acoustic Ensemble, Piano, Violin, Percussion

Bright, Gentle, Magical, Warm, Rippling
Advertising, Fashion, Daytime/Magazine, Quirky • Pizzicato Strings, Piano, Harp

Building, Determined, Driving
Action-Adventure, Drama, Film, Documentary, Historical, Promos/Trailers • Orchestra, Strings