Composing unique music for film, brands, TV and other projects

Many tracks are available now to licence for synchronisation with film, TV and other media projects. We offer an efficient one-stop music clearance service.

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Elegant, Determined, Reflective
Drama, Epic Film • Acoustic Ensemble, Strings, Piano

Suspense, Mysterious, Dark
Drama, Noir • Cello

Blues, Reflective, Hopeful
Documentary, Road Movie • Dobro, Hammond Organ, Piano

Adventurous, Bright, Confident, Driving, Energetic
Action-Adventure, Advertising, Promos/Trailers, Travel/Adventure • Orchestra

Graceful, Inspirational, Proud
Film, Nature, Historical, Epic • Folk Violin, Acoustic Guitar

Bright, Happy, Delicate, Playful • Arts, Drama
Acoustic Ensemble, Piano, Violin, Percussion

Bright, Gentle, Magical, Warm, Rippling
Advertising, Fashion, Daytime/Magazine, Quirky • Pizzicato Strings, Piano, Harp

Building, Determined, Driving
Action-Adventure, Drama, Film, Documentary, Historical, Promos/Trailers • Orchestra, Strings