Composing unique music for film, brands, TV and other projects

 Trystan Hardy, Development

Growing up surrounded by music in Cardiff, Trystan has had wide exposure to the music industry. Through studying Cello, performing with orchestras, choirs and Cardiff based band CADNO on the drum kit, he has experienced sound and music engineering in many different spaces.

After completing A levels in sciences and maths, Trystan joined John Hardy Music Co, originally working on the archive and as a general assistant. Over the past few years his focus has been on the sister record label Ffin Records, studio acoustics and graphic and web design.

Alongside his responsibilities at JHMusicCo, Trystan is growing his own business.

Gwedd Audio creates hand made and eco-conscious audio solutions with an ambition to help people to re-connect with music and appreciate artists’ work at a time when high fidelity is on the back foot.