The Girl in the Diary

Documentary made by journalist Geraint Talfan Davies and Ed Talfan, a creator of Hinterland, about their relative Idris Morgan and his witness to events in Berlin during the 1930's.

From the BBC website

Journalist and broadcaster Geraint Talfan Davies journeys to Berlin to uncover the story about his uncle, Idris Morgan, a young Welshman witnessing Nazi power at first hand in the 1930s. His uncle's diary is his only guide as he unveils the story of a friendship with a young German girl and her mysterious death - a death that brought Idris face to face with Wilhelm Brückner, Adolf Hitler's chief adjutant, only days before the massacre of the Night of the Long Knives. This is a personal story of a dark epiphany, as well as a moving tale of an ordinary family adjusting to the growth of Hitler's power.

Broadcast by S4C on 15th June 2014 and by BBC One Wales on 12th August 2014.