Andrew Marr's Great Scots

Andrew Marr explores the writers who have reflected, defined and challenged Scottish national identity over the last three hundred years.

Three hour-long programmes first broadcast by BBC Two in August 2014, during the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum.

More info at the BBC iPlayer.

For more about the series, read Andrew Marr's article for BBC Arts about the inspiration and making of Great Scots.


Magisterial, richly entertaining study of Scottish identity through its literature
— The Arts Desk
Marr’s portrait of James Boswell is a pertinent exploration of Scottish identity, nationhood and the lust for adventure... this programme works beautifully as it is, a lovely herogram to a man who may have been overlooked in his native Scotland but whose work and life have never been more relevant.
— The Guardian
Marr proved himself a worthy successor to his hero (James Boswell) when it came to well-chosen anecdotes and animating description... he brought both men powerfully back to life.
— The Independant
An essay on a great Anglo-Scottish friendship.
— The Telegraph